Frequently Asked Questions

NO : That must go to dealer, but we can help by doing the research for you. We can also do your regular maintenance while you’re under warranty.

NO : Anyone can change the oil even at home as long as you keep the receipt for the oil and it was done according to the maintenance schedule (refer to The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act for more information).

YES : Just give us a call and we will work you in as soon as possible.

12 months or 12k miles. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We use Max towing and will put the amount on the bill.(Max Towing : 352.377.0525)

We do 8 cars a day, the dealer does 80. In other words, we take the time to make sure you are served ONE AT A TIME (with a one-on-one consultation). Come visit us to see how we work!

YES, we do our very best to work with all parties.

Overnight for most Toyota and Lexus parts.

Dealer or Toyota parts are ALWAYS our first choice. Only if theyu2019re not available will we use aftermarket parts.

YES, when applicable.

When no testing is involved.

YES : There is a container by the door on the gate with envelopes and pens and a drop box in the door.

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